Hospitality Management & Organisational Behaviour, 5th edition

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By: Laurie J. Mullins & Penny Dossor
October 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273758372
489 Pages, Illustrated
$92.50 Paper Original


An essential text for HND and first year Hospitality Management degree students which examines the relevance and applications of general management theory and principles to hospitality organisations. Using contemporary material and case studies the book indicates ways in which performance may be improved through better use of human resources. Rigorous academic theory is related to hospitality practice, based on the author's great knowledge of the hospitality industry. The text takes a vocational basis and the illustration of the theory with real-life examples of hospitality management in action provides a solid and stimulating introduction to the subject.

Written by two experts in the Hospitality field, Laurie Mullins and Penny Dosser, this book combines an accessible reading style with current and relevant case studies on a variety of hospitality companies from across the globe.


Chapter 1 – Nature and scope of the hospitality industry

Chapter 2 – Understanding the nature of the workforce

Chapter 3 – Diversity management

Chapter 4 – Organisational goals and structure

Chapter 5 – Defining management

Chapter 6 – Nature of leadership

Chapter 7 – Workforce motivation and involvement

Chapter 8 – Managing through groups and teams

Chapter 9 – Managing challenging situations

Chapter 10 – Managing the changing environment