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Appraisal Checklist Help Your Team to Get the Results You Both Want - 2nd Edition
By Brian Watling, Jan. 2000
Build a Great Team!, 2nd Edition, 2000
Business Environment, 5th edition 2006
Conducting Staff Appraisals - See Managing Performance Reviews
Critical Human Resource Development, 2007
Diversity Incorporated Managing People for Success in a Diverse World
By Ron Johnson & David Redmond, March 2000

Employee Relations, 2nd Edition, 2004

Employment Relations in the UK, 3rd edition

Employment Law for Business Students, 3rd Ed.
January 2008

Essentials of Organisational Behaviour 2006

Handbook of Health and Safety Practice 5th Edition
By Jeremy Stranks, 2000 ISBN: 0-273-64432-7 $125.00 Cloth

Handbook of Health & Safety Practice, 6th Edition, 2003

HR Healthcheck: Benchmarking HRM Practice Across the UK & Europe, 2001

Human Resource Management, 2nd edition

Human Resource Management, 7th edition (2008)

Human Resources in Organisations
Edited by John Leopold, November 2001

Human Resource Management, 6th edition

Industrial Relations, 4th edition: Theory and Practice in the United Kingdom, 2001
Interactive Behaviour at Work, 3rd edition, 2002

International Human Resource Management, 2nd edition

Introducing Human Resource Management, 5th edition

Introducing Human Resource Management, 6th edition, 2011

Introducing Human Resource Management, 4th edition, 2005
Managing Careers: Theory & Practice, 2004
Managing in a Business Context: An HR Approach
By Huw Morris, December 2002

Measuring and Improving Employee Motivation 2000
Organisation Theory: Concepts and Cases, 5th Edition, 2006
Organisational Change & Development: A Reflective Guide for Managers, Trainers & Developers, 2001

Organizational Behavior, 6th Edition, 2006

Pensions Handbook of the UK, 8th Edition, 2002

People Resourcing 2006

People Resourcing & Talent Planning, 4th edition

Redesigning HR for Strategic Advantage 2000
Strategic Stress Management An Organizational Approach
By Valerie Sutherland and Cary Cooper, April 2000

Strategic Human Resource Management, 2007
Strategic Managing of Human Resources, 2005
Work Psychology, 4th Edition, 2005