Choosing the Right IT Consultant

Financial Times Management Briefings

By T. Rogers & D. Clifford
Oct. 1997

Financial Times Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-273-63212-4
$98.50 Paper Original

IT Consultants often have bad press- failed systems, over budget and 6 months late. Yet it's often the case of the wrong person for the wrong job. The right consultant will result in a first rate IT project which delivers results on time and within budget. Choosing the Right IT Consultant shows you how to avoid the common mistakes which result in failure. With an invaluable framework and checklist to adapt to your situation, you get the guidance you need to select the right consultant for your project. Contents include- The advantages of using a consultant The likely problems Types of consultants and consultancies How to clearly outline your project and business needs Choosing the right consultant Key elements for success Costs - fee rates, quotations and estimates The contract - project responsibilities and structures Checklists - handover, consultancy brief, phase and costs, terms and conditions Synopsis: This management briefing gives advide on choosing the right IT consultant. It includes a discussion of: the advantages of using a consultant; types of consultants and consultancies; setting your project and business needs; costs; contract; and checklists.

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