Critical Human
Resource Development
Beyond Orthodoxy

Edited by Clare Rigg, et al.
June 2007
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273705598
297 Pages, Illustrated
$117.50 paper original    

Traditionally, Human Resource Development (HRD) was focussed on enabling staff to pursue competitive advantage, but with the occurrence of high profile corporate scandals people recognising the dangers of limiting management training and development to ‘technical’ managerial activities have led to a surge in interest in Critical HRD.

This book is a compilation and discussion of the latest thinking and research in Critical Human Resource Development from subject-leading Editors and Contributors. It examines and analyses the success of attempts to actually implement critical HRD in the workplace and is suitable for Postgraduate students at diploma, masters and doctorate level on both specific HRD courses, such as the CIPD modules ‘Learning & Development’ and ‘Managing the Training and Development function’ and on specialist HRD modules within generalist HRM courses.

Introduction– A critical take on a critical turn in HRD
(Clare Rigg, Jim Stewart & Kiran Trehan)
Part One – A Critical Turn in HRD
– Introduction to Part One
ch 1. Exploring the notion of 'time' and 'critical' HRD (Sally Sambrook)
ch 2. The fallacy of ethics and Human Resource Development: How ethics limits the creation of a 'deep' profession (Tim Hatcher)
ch 3. The ethics of HRD (Jim Stewart)
Activities for Part One
Part Two – In the Workplace
– Introduction to Part Two
ch 4. Feminism, gender and Human Resource Development (Beverley Dawn Metcalfe)
ch 5. The mutation of HRD and strategic change: A critical perspective (Helen Francis)
ch 6. Shifting boundaries in work and learning: HRD and the case of corporate education (Jean Kellie)
Activities for Part Two
Part Three – Constraints in the Classroom
– Introduction to Part Three
ch 7. Putting the 'C' in HRD (Lisa Anderson and Richard Thorpe)
ch 8. How can I teach critical management in this place?  A critical pedagogy for HRD: Possibilities, contradictions and compromises (Claire Valentin)
ch 9. Chuck out the chintz? 'Stripped floor' writing and the catalogue of convention: Alternative perspectives on management inquiry (Brendon Harvey)
Activities for Part Three
Part Four – Critique of Critical Orthodoxies
– Introduction to Part Four
ch 10. Acknowledging conflict in ‘Communities of Practice’: A figurational perspective on learning and innovating in the workplace (Valerie Owen-Pugh)
ch 11. The Learning Turn in education and training: Liberatory paradigm or oppressive ideology? (Leonard Holmes)
ch 12. Going beyond a critical turn: Hypocrisies and contradictions (Kiran Trehan, Clare Rigg and Jim Stewart)
Activities for Part Four

Key features

This collection from 15 contributors has been edited by Clare Rigg - Senior Lecturer, Institute of Technology, Tralee; Jim Stewart - Professor of Human Resource Development at Nottingham Business School; and Professor Kiran Trehan - Head of Management, University of Central England. List of Contributors:
Dr Sally Sambrook - University of Wales Bangor
Professor Time Hatcher - North Carolina State University, USA
Professor Russ Vince, University of Glamorgan
Beverley Metcalfe, Manchester Business School
Helen Francis, Napier University
Jean Kellie, University of Hull
Lisa Anderson & Richard Thorpe, University of Salford
Claire Valentin, The University of Edinburgh
Brendon Harvey, Coventry University Business School
Dr Valerie Owen-Pugh, University of Leicester
Len Holmes, London Metropolitan University
Professor Monica Lee, University of Lancaster

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