Diversity Incorporated
Managing People for Success in a Diverse World

By Ron Johnson & David Redmond
March 2000
ISBN: 0-273-65047-5
188 pages
$57.50 hardcover

Treating people decently, regardless of their appearance or background, is no longer a moral imperative; it's smart business. This book provides the groundwork to new standards of diversity.

Contents include:
A fresh look at people. The disadvantaged. Talented people. Finding the best people. Selection tests. Interview procedures. Be seen as fair. Equal opportunities. Grievance, discipline & discrimination. Employee feedback. Personal development plan. Learning on the job. Team goals. Flexible working conditions. People-friendly policies-leave, childcare, pensions, medical care. Cultural pitfalls. Impact of disability. Trade unions. Gender, race, creed. Racism. Further reading. Index.

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