Employment Law in Context, 4th UK edition
An Introduction for HR Professionals

By Brian Willey, et al.
May 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408270479
568 Pages
$90.00 paper original

Employment Law in Contextis the perfect guide to the legal principles that students are likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis as a HR professional. Written by experienced HR practitioners and covering all aspects of the employment relationship from beginning to end, the book also provides invaluable guidance on how to apply the legal principles across a range of practical workplace scenarios.




Publisher's acknowledgements

About the Authors

Guided tour

List of abbreivations

Table of cases

Table of statutes

Table of statutory instruments

Table of statutory codes of practice

Table of European Community Law

List of useful websites

Chapter 1: An introduction to Employment Law

Chapter 2: Regulating the Employment Relationship

Chapter 3: Managing change in the employment relationship

Chapter 4: The context of discrimination at work

Chapter 5: Equality law and the workplace

Chapter 6: Implementing equality in the workplace

Chapter 7: Harassment and bullying at work

Chapter 8: Discipline and dismissal

Chapter 9: Wages and equal pay

Chapter 10: Regulation of working time

Chapter 11: Family leave and work-life balance

Chapter 12: Health, safety and welfare at work

Chapter 13: Conclusion.

Appendix: Feedback on exercises



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