Employee Relations
Understanding the Employment Relationship

By Philip Lewis, et al.
Financial Times / Pearson Education
November 2003
ISBN: 0-273-64625-7
600 Pages
$97.50 paper original

This exciting new text is different from many of the employee relations textbooks currently available because it takes as its central theme the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. This reflects one of the major changes in employee relations over recent years- the increasing extent to which the individual relationship each of us has with our employer is central in shaping our working lives.

The authors provide an important and contemporary approach to employee relations; include extensive coverage of such important employee relations topics as power, culture, the psychological contract, reward, discipline, downsizing and termination of employment; make explicit links to national, EU and international contexts throughout; present material in a lively writing style in an accessible and enjoyable way; include self-check questions throughout each chapter in order that readers may test their understanding of key concepts; conclude each chapter with a case study which highlights important points from the chapter; include an extensive glossary of key terms. Employee Relations- understanding the employment relationship is a modern book that covers historical, cultural, individual and collective perspectives, and is suitable for undergraduate, professional and masters students.

"Employee Relations covers areas from a critical perspective not always included in ER and HR textbooks and this is to be welcomed. It also contains a wealth of student activities including recent and relevant case studies. This is an invaluable addition to any business school's courses and resources." --- Dr. Len Holden, De Montfort University.

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