Human Resource Management, 2nd edition
A Concise Analysis

By Eugene McKenna
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
October 2008
ISBN: 9780273694182
416 Pages
$103.50 paper original

Human Resource Managementoffers an accessible yet rigorous introduction to HRM. The language and integration of theoretical and empirical material fully enables students to gain a concise yet comprehensive view of the subject. This text presents the reader with a clear grasp of the theoretical and applied aspects of the subject, and the ability to engage in constructive critical analysis.

This new edition explores the relationship between HRM and Organisational Performance, integrates coverage of strategic and international HRM, and includes coverage of new research areas. New learning aids are fully integrated throughout the text, enabling students to engage in reflective practice.

It is ideal for undergraduate Business & Management students, as well as MBA students seeking an introduction to contemporary HRM.


Brief Contents by Chapter 1. Introduction and overview 2. Corporate strategy  and strategic HRM 3. Organisation structure 4. Organisational change and development 5. Organisational culture 6. Employee resourcing: human resource planning 7. Employee resourcing: recruitment and selection 8. Employee resourcing: performance management 9. Employee development: reward management 10. Employee development: training and development 11. Employee relations 12. HRM: reviews, critique and developments


Among the most valuable features and aids to learning in the book are:


Dr Eugene McKenna is Emeritus Professor at the University of East London.

Dr Nic Beech is Professor of Management at the University of St Andrews.

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