Human Resource Management

A Contemporary Approach
5th edition

By Tim Claydon
June 2007
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273707639
693 Pages, Illustrated
$117.50 paper original

The expert authors of this leading text present a thorough introduction to HRM by exploring a variety of perspectives, styles and arguments. It takes a rigorous, critical approach that makes contemporary developments in Human Resource Management accessible to students.  

They explore the most pressing and topical themes and debates of today – HR strategy, gender and diversity, and employee rights, involvement and participation – whilst covering in depth the theory and practice of the operational aspects of HRM. The final part of the text compares trends in HRM around the world, with a particular focus on India and China, as well as the influence of multinational corporations on the practice of HRM.

Human Resource Managementis written for undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students, as well as those studying for the CIPD qualifications"

Guided tour
Plan of the book
How to use this book
Part 1 Human resource management and its organisational context
Introduction to part 1
1 An introduction to human resource management
Julie Beardwell and Ian Clark
2 Strategic human resource management
Nicky Golding
3 Contextualising HRM: developing critical thinking
Audrey Collin
Part 1 case study: How well are we doing at work?
Part 2 Resourcing the organisation
Introduction to part 2
4 Human resource management and the labour market
Tim Claydon and Amanda Thompson
5 Human resource planning
Julie Beardwell
6 Recruitment and selection
Julie Beardwell
7 Managing equality and diversity
Mike Noon
Part 2 case study: Teacher shortages
Part 3 Developing the human resource
Introduction to part 3
8 Learning and development
Audrey Collin
9 Human resource development: the organisational and national framework
Mairi Watson
10 Management development
Mike Doyle
Part 3 case study: Transforming Anglia Water
Part 4 The employment relationship
Introduction to part 4
11 The employment relationship and employee rights at work
Ian Clark
12 Establishing the terms and conditions of employment
Sue Marlow and Trevor Colling
13 Reward and performance management
Alan J Ryan and Julia Pointon
14 Employee participation and involvement
Peter Butler and Linda Glover
Part 4 case study: Malone Superbuy Ltd
Part 5 International human resource management
Introduction to part 5
15 HRM trends and prospects: a comparative perspective
Ian Clark and Tim Claydon
16 Human resource management in China and India
Linda Glover and Anita Trivedi
17 International HRM
Phil Almond and Olga Tregaskis
Part 5 case study: Global and local: the case of the inoperable HRM strategy
Glossary of terms and abbreviations

·        Critical, challenging and accessible
·        Extensive coverage of International HRM
·        Expert authorship
·        Rigorous and up to date on research
·        Highly praised design and pedagogy

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