Industrial Relations, 4th edition
Theory & Practice in the United Kingdom

By Mike Salamon
Financial Times / Pearson Education
June 2001
ISBN: 027364646X
624 Pages, Illustrated
$99.50 paper original

This well-known text draws on an extensive range of sources and materials to present a thorough, yet clear, introduction to the subject of industrial or employee relations for those studying at undergraduate, postgraduate or post-experience level.

It provides a framework of concepts and knowledge for understanding and analysing approaches to the subject, the roles of the major participants, the issue confronting them and the strategies and processes used. The fourth edition retains the structure and international focus of the previous edition, but has been updated throughout and includes several new learning features.

Features The text is divided into four distinct parts: Perspectives, Participants, Processes and Practices. Each chapter opens with a definition section, setting the parameters for each chapter. Examples and case studies draw from a variety of industries, both manufacturing and service sector. Country profiles reflect the diversity of approaches and institutions around the world.

Contents Preface Abbreviations Part One: Perspectives 1. Approaches to Industrial Relations 2. Context of Industrial Relations 3. Concepts and Values in Industrial Relations Part Two: Participants 4. Trade Union Development and Function 5. Trade Union Organisation and Structure 6. Representation at the Workplace 7. Management 8. The Government Part Three: Processes 9. Collective Bargaining 10. Employee Participation 11. Industrial Action 12. Conciliation and Arbitration 13. Negotiation

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