International Human
Resource Management
Globalization, National Systems
& Multinational Companies

By Tony Edwards & Chris Rees
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
February 2006
ISBN: 0273651773
330 Pages, Illustrated, 6 5/8 x 9 1/8”
$77.50 paper original

This exciting new text tackles the issues raised by cross-national differences in HRM styles. Specifically, it identifies a number of themes: the meaning of globalization and the extent to which it is a novel phenomenon; the challenges to national traditions; the way in which many key issues within international HRM are contested; and the extent to which change in national systems is evident.

The book is split into 2 parts and these themes underlie the treatment of the content of the book. The first part of the book examines the context of international HRM through an examination of the process of globalization and the origins of the distinctiveness of national business systems. The second part is concerned with particular issues relating to multinational companies, such as how and why they transfer practices across operations in different countries.

In addition, this part tackles HR issues in international context, such as management development, pay and reward, and recruitment and selection.
This book will appeal to undergraduates taking International HRM courses, those taking Masters programs in HRM and MBA students. It may also be used as supplementary reading for comparative industrial relations courses that feature multinational companies.

1. Globalization and international management
2. National systems and management action
3. The internationalization of the firm
4. International Strategy and Structure in MNCs
5. The transfer of HR practices in MNCs
6. Cross border mergers and acquisitions
7. IHRM and developing countries
8. International Recruitment and selection
9. International Reward systems
10. Knowledge management and IHRM
11. International employee representation
12. International Corporate Social Responsibility and employee relations
13. Conclusion - the future of IHRM

• Provides a clear, cohesive theme throughout to help students see the ‘big picture’.
• Broad depth of coverage of multinational companies reflects the current major themes in this topic.
• Case studies throughout help students to see how the theory applies in practice, many from the authors’ own research.
• International HRM is approached from an institutional context means that students will understand more than just the cultural values of this subject.
• Contributions by experts in the field and actively edited by the lead authors ensure that the material is clear and consistent for the reader.

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