Strategic Reward Systems

By Gill Homan and Richard Thorpe
Apr. 1999
ISBN: 0-273-63084-9
320 p.
$79.50 Paper Original

This text draws together in one volume the latest thinking and practice in reward management. Particular attention is paid to the relationship of reward policy and practice to strategy, while contributions from a wide range of academics and practitioners illustrate the theoretical links between reward and other fields of academic interest, such as motivation, labor economics and economic policy. This critical examination of employee reward is always placed in the context of what actually happens in practice.

Contents includes: Debates in reward management. Reward strategy. Labour economics, competition and compensation. Economic policy, the labour market and reward. Motivation and reward. Authority and control; the carrot or the stick? Designing and implementation of remuneration systems. Strategic reward systems; pay systems and structures. Trade unions and reward. Women, pay and equal opportunities. Job evaluation. Inter-firm comparisons. Auditing a remuneration system. Time-based pay. Skills and competency-based pay. Performance-related pay. Team-based pay. Gainsharing. Profit sharing and employee share ownership. Occupational pensions. flexible plans for pay and benefits.

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