Strategic Human Resourcing

Principles, Perspectives & Practices

By John Leopold, Lunette Harris and Tony Watson
Apr. 1999
ISBN: 0-273-63164-0
544 p.
$85.00 Paper Original

By taking a procedural approach as the theoretical framework for discussion, this book examines the key debates at the heart of the specific areas of contemporary employment practice.

The focus is on the roles and responsibilities of the personnel specialistand line manager in developing human resourcing policy and operational practice. All this is considered within a range of organizational contexts: public sector, private sector, recently privatized utilities, SMEs and non-profit organizations.

Chpaters include: Human Resourcing Strategies: Choice, chance and circumstance. Human resource planning: strategies, systems and processes. Managing uncertainty or managing uncertainly? International human resourcing. Assessment, selection and evaluation: Problems nd pitfalls. Performance management and performing management. Performance pay and performing for pay. Employee training and development. Management development. Employment law and human resourcing. Achieving equality of opportunity? Managing messy moral matters: Ethics and HRM. Employee participation, involvement and communication. Conflict and co-operation in employment relations. Conflict, change and compromise: Comparative industrial relations and the world automobile industry.

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