Work Psychology, 4th Edition
Understanding Human Behavior in the Workplace

By John Arnold, et al.
Financial Times / Pearson Education
January 2005
ISBN: 0273655442
744 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 10 "
$97.50 paper original

The aim of this established text is to examine the contribution of psychological theory to our understanding of human behavior at work. Its accessible and user-friendly style makes it suitable for readers unfamiliar to the theory of work psychology as well as for those with a basic grounding in the subject.

The text covers both personnel issues such as selection and training and organizational issues such as decision making, thus making it a comprehensive study of human behavior in the workplace. Throughout the text, real-life examples and illustrations are used to support the theory, to show how the concepts dealt with actually apply to work settings.

Contents include: Chapter 1 Work psychology -- an initial orientation, Chapter 2 Theory research and practice in work psychology, Chapter 3 Individual differences, Chapter 4 The foundations of personnel selection- analyzing jobs, competencies and selection effectiveness, Chapter 5 Personnel selection and assessment processes methods- what works?, Chapter 6 Assessing people at work, Chapter 7 Attitudes at work, Chapter 8 The analysis and modification of work behavior, Chapter 9 Approaches to work motivation and job design, Chapter 10 Training, Chapter 11 Stress in the workplace, Chapter 12 Decisions, groups and teams at work, Chapter 13 Leadership, Chapter 14 Careers and career management, Chapter 15 Understanding organizational change and culture, Glossary, References.

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