Achieving Competitive Advantage
Using Virtual Private Networks

Financial Times Management Briefings Series

By Norman Lewis
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 2001
ISBN: 0-273-65654-6
128 Pages
$175.00 paper original

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer an affordable solution to secure data transfer and as a result are set to transform the way companies communicate. With business communications rapidly moving towards mobility and real-time access to data, VPNs provide the only secure, reliable means of achieving this, enabling your business to achieve a competitive edge. VPNs offer significant benefits to all types and size of businesses increased sales, faster product development and more effective strategic partnerships. VPN technology is starting to come out of the server room and into the boardroom as a topic for serious debate. Now is the time to examine its potential for your business. This briefing explains what VPNs are, how you can benefit from them, where VPNs can add most value, and how to select and implement the optimal type of VPN for your organisation. Written for board-level decision-makers, the emphasis is firmly placed on management issues and financial benefits rather than technological complexities.

Contents include
: Executive summary Confidentiality Integrity Authentication Common uses of VPNs Performance, managability and availability The new VPN landscape Encryption, security and privacy Choosing the correct VPN solution top Contents List of acronyms Executive summary An overview of virtual private networks Asking the right questions The virtual private network The ubiquitous network VPN approaches Confidentiality Integrity Authentication VPN protocols The common uses of VPNs Performance, manageability and availability VPN deployment models Summary The new VPN landscape The Internet-as-platform Extending the data Deployment models BizTalk Simple Object Access Protocol Universal Description, Discovery and Integration specification VPNs and web services Summary Encryption, security and privacy translating the jargon Encryption Authentication Tunnelling Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Internet Key Management Protocol (IKMP) Privacy Summary Choosing the correct VPN solution VPN approaches Quality of service (QoS) Managing the traffic Denial of service (DoS) Broadband Platform features Summary Conclusion Appendices VPN suppliers Privacy resources Useful further resources Glossary
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