ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets for Office XP/2003

By Paul Holden and Sharon Murphy
Pearson Education / Financial Times
November 2006
ISBN: 0131866540
248 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$52.50 paper original

The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is an internationally recognized certificate of end-user computing skills. It provides objective proof that the holder has achieved a standard of competence in the most common business applications. Employers are increasingly relying on the ECDL to validate training courses and to recruit computer-literate staff.

ECDL Advanced is the next level on the ECDL certification path, building a more extensive skill set to underpin knowledge gained from the ECDL course in specific areas, allowing the candidate to demonstrate skill sets above the most basic. The ECDL Advanced Presentation syllabus further develops skills and knowledge attained in ECDL Module 4: Spreadsheets

The ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets syllabus requires a candidate to learn how to use spreadsheet applications to produce advanced spreadsheet outputs.  The module covers:

This comprehensive coursebook covers all aspects of the ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets module using the most popular business software – the Excel package of Microsoft Office XP &2003. It provides everything a student needs to pass the ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets certification test. Written by experienced trainers Paul Holden and Sharon Murphy, the book offers clear, simple and friendly guidance on the ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets module. ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets for Office XP/2003 includes:

Everything a student needs to know to pass the ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets certification, all in one book!

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Written by experienced trainers Paul Holden and Brendan Munnelly, the book offers clear, simple and friendly guidance on the Advanced module.
* Basic computer terms and concepts explained in plain English.
* Screen images and illustrations guide the student through the Microsoft Excel application.
* 'How-to' information based on practical examples of everyday tasks.
* Short cuts and insider tips drawn from the real-world experience of computer professionals.
* Summary of critical information at the end of each section.
* Easy-to-follow exercises in the book and on the CD-ROM to help you test your progress.
* Examples and exercises based around a fictional case study – teaches all functionality in a practical context.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Using templates in Excel
Chapter 3: Importing data into a spreadsheet
Chapter 4: Sorting data in a spreadsheet
Chapter 5: Naming cells and adding comments
Chapter 6: Using Paste Special
Chapter 7: Summarizing data using PivotTables
Chapter 8: Linking to data in spreadsheets
Chapter 9: Formatting your spreadsheets
Chapter 10: Using Excel macros
Chapter 11: Using reference and mathematical functions
Chapter 12: Customising charts
Chapter 13: Using statistical and database functions
Chapter 14: Using financial functions
Chapter 15: Using text and date functions
Chapter 16: Using logical functions
Chapter 17: Using data tables and scenarios
Chapter 18: Auditing your spreadsheets
Chapter 19: Sharing and protecting your spreadsheets
Appendix: Advanced spreadsheets test


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