The Complete Coursebook for Microsoft® Office 97

By Brendan Munnelly & Paul Holden
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
February 2005
ISBN: 0131248421
804 Pages, Illustrated, 7 ½" x 9 ¾"
$69.50 Paper Original

Revised and updated to reflect the latest version of the ECDL syllabus - ECDL4 - this comprehensive coursebook covers all seven modules of the ECDL syllabus using the most popular business software - Microsoft® Windows 95/98; Microsoft® Office 97; and Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.

It provides everything a student needs to gain full understanding and practical knowledge of the subjects covered by the syllabus, and then to pass the ECDL tests. Written by experienced trainers Brendan Munnelly and Paul Holden, the book offers clear, simple and friendly guidance on all of the ECDL modules.

" Approved and accredited by the ECDL Foundation.
" Clear, simple guidance on all of the ECDL modules.
" Basic computer terms and concepts explained in plain English.
" Over 700 screen images and illustrations to guide students through Windows 95/98® and MS Office 97© applications.
" "How-to" information provided, based on examples of everyday tasks.
" Includes short cuts and insider tips, drawn from the real-world experience of computer professionals.
" Summary of critical information at the end of each section.
" 320 easy to follow exercises.


Module 1: Basic Concepts of Information Technology
1. A short history of computing
2. What exactly is a computer?
3. Computer hardware
4. Software and data
5. Networks and the Internet
6. What computers are used for
7. Looking after number one: health and safety
8. Keeping your information safe

Module 2: Using a Computer and Managing Files
9. Starting up, clicking around, shutting down
10. Exploring your computer
11. Working with folders and files
12. Mastering Windows

Module 3: Word Processing
13. Your first letter in Word
14. Formatting, positioning and copying text
15. Long documents, little details
16. Tables, tabs and graphics
17. Mail merge and templates
18. File formats and importing spreadsheet data

Module 4: Spreadsheets
19. Your first steps in Excel
20. Arithmetic with Excel
21. Functions, formatting and printing
22. Inserting, sorting and moving cells
23. More about numbers, text and calculations
24. Charting with Excel
25. File formats and data importing

Module 5: Databases
26. What is a database?
27. Exploring Access
28. Building your Access database
29. Modifying your database design
30. Table relationships
31. Finding, sorting and filtering records
32. Creating and using queries
33. Working with forms
34. Working with reports
35. Printing database information

Module 6: Presentations
36. Presentation basics
37. Working with views and bullet points
38. Formatting your presentation
39. Working with graphics and pictures
40. Working with tables and charts
41. Wowing your audience
42. Presentations and file formats

Module 7: Information and Communication
43. Exploring the web
44. Finding information within websites
45. Finding information and shopping on the web
46. Taking control of the web
47. E-mail with Outlook
48. More about outgoing e-mail
49. More about incoming e-mail
50. Address Book and contact groups Index

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