Practical Exercises for ECDL Expert using Office XP

By Jackie Sherman
Pearson Education / Financial Times
December 2006
ISBN: 0131743937
168 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$52.50 paper original

The ECDL Advanced qualifications are designed to progress your computer skills from the internationally successful European Computer Driving Licence® (ECDL) to the next level of proficiency, proving that your competence with computers is well above the basic skill level in each of the applications covered, and will help determine suitability for jobs involving computer use at a higher level. Also, if you successfully complete all four modules, in any order, you qualify for the new ECDL Expert Certificate. NO Additional testing is required to gain this certificate - the certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the fourth module, delivering an additional benchmark level of recognised, accredited achievement in IT skills.

Fully covering the syllabus of each of the four ECDL Advanced modules, Practical Exercises for ECDL Advanced Modules provides you with a series of structured questions and exercises for each individual Advanced module, and thus the new ECDL Expert certification. All of the questions and exercises have been designed to allow you to assess your learning progress and to help you to prepare for – AND PASS – the ECDL Advanced Exams with confidence.

Exercises that increase in complexity throughout each individual advanced module, enabling you to assess your current level of knowledge and gradually build up all of the skills and knowledge needed to pass each exam.
* A checklist before each exercise or set of exercises sets out the skills required in order to be able to complete them successfully.
* Each exercise is cross-referenced back to the individual Advanced module syllabus.
* Model answers help you to check your work.
* The exercises are progressive and follow a logical order, enabling students to work through them at their own pace.


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