Success in Your Project
A Guide to Student System Development Projects

By Philip Weaver
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-67809-4
$69.50 paper original

Final year projects are an important feature of most undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the fields of Business Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering and Business Computing. These projects usually involve students in the practical application of theory together with a critical analysis or evaluation of the execution of their project or of the theory applied. This book is the first to provide detailed guidance and support for students in preparing for, conducting and evaluating a system development project, independent of the development methodology or technical tools to be used.

"A book in this area is long overdue. I will strongly support this book."
---Diane Richardson, Teacher Fellow and Head of Computer & Information Sciences, De Montfort University.

Key Features: covers the critical tasks of selection, planning and initiation of the project as well as the control and reporting of progress during its execution; structure of the book is chronological, covering project preparation, project execution and project completion; provides detailed guidance and tips for the completion of all key development activities, tailored with examples of system development products taken from a wide range of types and approaches. assists students in the evaluation, writing-up and presentation of their projects, with emphasis on the elements that are of primary importance in achieving the academic objectives; a website with templates and examples is available for students.

Philip Weaver is Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing & Information Technology at the University of Wolverhampton. He has also held a number of posts in the commercial sector, including Systems Development Controller for B&Q plc.

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