International Business
Theories, Policies & Practices

Edited By Monir Tayeb
March 2000
ISBN: 0-273-63712-6
586 p.
$110.00 Paper Original

This international business text covers the whole subject in considerable depth. It covers a wide range of topics at micro and macro levels, from international trade theories to global trade and trade related institutions, to policies and practices employed by multi-national firms, to cultural and non-cultural changes that they face in the international marketplace.

Chapters include: International trade theories and practices. International financial markets. Global and regional institutions: the international governance of international business. Labour standards, corporate codes of conduct and labour regulation in international trade. Internationalisation of the firm. Modes of internationalisation. Internationalisation process and types of firms. Internationalisation of small and medium sized enterprises. Financial risk. Political risk in international business. Government intervention in international trade. National institutions and resources. National cultural characteristics. Strategic management in emerging markets. Integrating strategic planning with technology management in the global firm. International marketing planning. International logistics. Structuring international organisations. Understanding and managing a multicultural workforce. Major management styles and practices in a selected group of countries. Management in Western Europe with special emphasis on the UK, Germany and France. Changing management style in Central and eastern Europe.American management. Management in Japan, the Arab Middle East, India, and China. Transferring policies across borders. Epilogue: Microsoft, IBM and Intel.

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