Keenan & Riches' Business Law, 10th UK edition

Edited by Sarah Riches & Vida Allen
November 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408278833
350 Pages
$82.50 paper original

Combining a solid reputation with learning features designed to aid understanding for the non-specialist, Keenan and Riches’ Business Law remains a favourite with students and professionals alike.

Written in clear and straight forward language that locates the law in a practical context, students are guided through all of the key areas of law a business person needs to understand. To further support students the book comes with a wealth of study and revision support including a legal skills chapter, self-test questions, practice exam style questions and an interactive eText




Legal Study Skills

  1. The nature of law
  2. Law making
  3. Resolving disputes
  4. Classification and survey of types of business organisations
  5. Non-Corporate organisations – sole traders and partnerships
  6. Companies
  7. Introduction to the law of contracts
  8. Types of business contract
  9. The terms of business contracts
  10. Contracts for the supply of goods and services
  11. Business and the law of tort
  12. Criminal liability in business
  13. Credit
  14. Consumer protection
  15. Business property
  16. Employing labour

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