Analyzing Companies & Valuing Shares
How to Make the Right Investment Decision
(Investor's Guide Series)

By Michael Cahill
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-66363-1
298 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$55.00 paper original

Getting to the real value of a business and assessing what are its shares really worth suddenly looks less clear cut. In an investment environment that is extremely challenging even for experienced City professionals, doing your homework has never been more important. And with the current accounting scandals rocking confidence and the markets being able to accurately value companies, stock has just taken on a whole new dimension. The book goes beyond investment ratios to explore what these ratios tell us about the company as an investment or what the ratios tell us about the stock market's assessment of the company and its prospects.

What's it worth? Analysing Companies, Valuing shares 1. Sector Prospects 2. Company Performance and Prospects 3. Forecasting profits the risks to forecast assumptions and what goes wrong operational gearing 4. Key numbers and ratios analysed 5. Performance and returns Evaluationg Manangement 6. Manangement and Stragegy 7. Financing 8. Valuation 9. Recommendations Combining prospects and valuation 10. Investment style guide the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches 11. sector research example 12. glossary top Author The author has spent 16 years in the City as an analyst and subsequently as a writer on investment matters

"Mike Cahill has written the definitive guide to deciding whether or not to buy a share. Thorough, well-researched and clearly written - this is a long overdue return to common sense investing. Just what you would expect from a professional analyst who believes that in the long run a company's share price is determined by its fundamental value." Tom Stevenson, Hemscott PLC "A welcome, well structured and commonsense approach to the black art of equity analysis that will be extremely useful to anyone interested in how the City values companies in practice". Derek Higgs, Author of the Report on The role and effectiveness of Non-executive directors

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