Financial Times Guide to Pensions & Wealth in Retirement

By John Greenwood
Pearson Education
February 2010
ISBN: 9780273727859
258 Pages
$49.95 Paper original

"At a time when more and more consumers are unlikely to have the retirement of their dreams, this book gives straightforward, clear strategies to help the reader improve their chances of at least making the right decisions"

Nick Cann, chief executive, Institute of Financial Planning

'This book deals comprehensively with the complexities of UK pensions, both state and private and welcome addition for a very confused public. The book could significantly help people provide more effectively for their retirement and cope with the difficulties of pension planning from a far better informed perspective.''

Dr Ros Altmann, campaigner, consultant and former Government adviser on pension policy

"John Greenwood is one of the UK's best journalists writing on pensions. Simple, clear and concise; this book tells you everything you need to know about retirement planning. If they had been using this book to teach about pensions at school then we wouldn't have a pensions crisis now."

Tom McPhail, head of pensions research, Hargreaves Lansdown

Planning your pension and planning for retirement are essential, because they may be the only source of income you’ll have for a third of your life. But because pension planning is often thought of as complicated, it’s not always given enough attention.

Whether you are an avid reader of the financial pages, or you don’t know the first thing about money matters, The Financial Times Guide to Pensions and Wealth in Retirement is designed to help you take control of your pension and retirement planning. Offering a range of achievable strategies that will enhance your saving, John Greenwood helps you navigate the complex maze of state, private, workplace and individual pensions, advises on alternatives to pensions and shows you the best ways to manage your retirement wealth and how to pass on your estate efficiently.

The Financial Times Guide to Pensions will show you how to:

The Financial Times Guide to Pensions and Wealth in Retirementdemystifies the complex world of pensions, retirement options, pension alternatives and retirement wealth. It will motivate you to take action to get the most out of your retirement savings.

Save money, make money and reduce the risk of losing your money.

•  Solving your own personal pensions crisis

•  Drawing up your retirement saving plan

•  How private pensions work

•  Personal and stakeholder pensions

•  Workplace schemes - money purchase pensions

•  Workplace schemes - final salary pensions

•  Self-invested personal pensions (Sipps)

•  Small self-administered schemes (SSAS)

•  Investment strategy - constructing your portfolio

•  State pension

•  Pension Credit and means-testing

•  Contracting out of the state pension system

•  Managing your retirement

•  Annuities

•  Income drawdown

•  Retirement savings not held in pensions

•  Disputes and unclaimed pensions

•  Retiring abroad

•  Inheritance tax planning in retirement




Part 1 – Pensions – what they mean to you

Chapter 1 – Solving your own personal pensions crisis

Chapter 2 – Drawing up your retirement saving plan

Part 2 – Private pensions

Chapter 3 - How private pensions work

Chapter 4 - Personal and stakeholder pensions

Chapter 5 - Workplace schemes: money purchase

Chapter 6 – Workplace schemes: final salary

Chapter 7 - Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPSs)

Chapter 8 - Small self-administered schemes (SSASs)

Chapter 9 – Investment strategy: constructing your portfolio

Part 3 – State pension provision

Chapter 10 – State pension

Chapter 11 – Pension Credit and means-testing

Chapter 12 - Contracting out of the state pension system

Part 4 – Wealth management in retirement

Chapter 13 - Managing your retirement

Chapter 14 – Annuities

Chapter 15 - Income drawdown

Chapter 16 – Retirement savings not held in pensions

Chapter 17 – Disputes and unclaimed pensions

Chapter 18 - Retiring abroad

Chapter 19 – Inheritance Tax planning in retirement

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John Greenwood is editor of Corporate Adviser, a monthly magazine for the pensions industry, which means he talks to pensions experts on a daily basis -

John is a pensions expert and communicating their complexities in simple language has been his job for some time now. He has been writing on pensions for national and trade newspapers for eight years.  He writes most of the complex pensions stories in the personal finance pages of both the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times. He has won five awards for journalism, including the Association of British Insurers’ Pensions Journalist of the Year Award, which he received last month.

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