FT Guide to Saving & Investing for Retirement: The Definitive Handbook to Securing Your Financial Future

By: Yoram Lusting
May 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292129297
320 Pages, Illustrated
$69.50 Paper Original



One of the most important financial plans you can have is saving and investing for your retirement. Quite simply, the success of this plan determines whether you’re going to live comfortably after you stop working.

The Financial Times Guide to Saving and Investing for Retirement will lead you through a bewildering maze of financial tools and provide advice on crucial investment decisions. It provides everything you need to know about how to save and invest so that you can successfully plan for your retirement. It is packed with invaluable information on taxes, ISAs, pensions, investing across different assets and buying property.

The Financial Times Guide to Saving and Investing for Retirement will help you:

  • Identify your financial objectives and work out how to achieve them
  • Learn how to invest for a specific goal and time
  • Find out about taxes and other rules that may impact your wealth
  • Understand why it’s essential to be actively involved in managing your post-work income



1. Why should you save for retirement?

2. Saving for your retirement

3. Investment outcomes

4. Investment risk

5. Investment constraints

6. Investment strategy

7. Lifecycle investing

8. Asset classes

9. Traditional investments

10. Alternative investments

11. Residential real estate

12. Investment historic performance

13. Diversification

14. Expected return and risk

15. Strategic Asset Allocation

16. Behavioural finance

17. The economic cycle

18. Tactical Asset Allocation

19. Choosing investments

20. Investment vehicles

21. Managing your portfolio

22. Managing risks

23. Reviewing

24. Your financial life plan


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