Investment Appraisal for Shareholder Value, 2nd Ed.

Financial Times Executive Briefings Series

By Ian Hirst
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2001
ISBN: 0-273-64220-0
119 Pages
$175.00 paper original

Every business has plenty of information, but do you have the right information when you need it? Executive Briefings concentrate on delivering actionable information, designed to help executives ask the right questions, make the right decisions and take the right action. Whatever the opportunity or challenge that your business faces, an Executive Briefing will give you the insight to evaluate the situation and the tools to implement change.

The pressure on companies to maximise returns to shareholders places a weight of responsibility on the organisation to ensure that each investment opportunity is subject to the best available investment appraisal process. Finance professionals and senior management need access to best practice and developments in the field to make certain that their investment appraisal is conducted as effectively as possible.

This briefing provides detailed practical guidance on how to apply best practice appraisal techniques to identify and evaluate projects that will maximise shareholder returns. It will prove an invaluable aid for finance professionals seeking guidance on benchmarking, insight into new approaches and a chance to get to grips with the techniques involved, or to refresh their existing skills.

Contents include:
Identifying cash flows
Required returns
Appraisal techniques
Risk analysis
Specialised appraisal techniques
Implementing a project appraisal system

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