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Investing With the Hedge Fund Giants
Profit Whether Markets Rise or Fall

By Beverly Chandler
May 1998
ISBN: 0-273-63243-4
256 p.
$35.00 Cloth


Hedge funds are notorious. For several years these secretive and esoteric funds have terrorized financial markets and central banks alike; making heroes of managers such as George Soros and amassing fortunes for their select band of investors. With the advent of offshore hedge "funds of funds", these exciting speculative vehicles are for the first time available to the broad spectrum of private and professional investors. Hedge funds are one of the fastest growing sectors in the investment world, and yet a shroud of secrecy still surrounds their operation. Investing with the Hedge Funds will demystify these funds and their managers. It explains the strategies and techniques taht they deploy, and shows investors how they can take advantage of these high-performance investment vehicles.