Smarter Investing, 3rd Edition
Simpler Decisions for Better Results

Book Title

By: Tim Hale
March 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273785378
270 Pages, Illustrated
$62.50 Paper Original


Simple yet effective advice for anyone who wants their money to work harder than they do.

Most investment books offer a bewildering array of complex strategies for how best to invest your money. But often the chances of success are remote and the rules are impossible to follow in practice.

Smarter Investing introduces you to a simple and powerful set of rules for successful investing, helping you to build an investment portfolio that suits your needs, stays the course when markets get rough and quietly gets on with the job of generating better results.

In this updated and revised edition, Tim Hale gives you all the advice you’ll need and demonstrates that the key to successful investing is to do a few straightforward things exceptionally well. Smarter Investing will help you:

  • Establish what you want your money to do for you
  • Work out how much money you need to achieve your goals
  • Avoid the mistakes that generations of investors have made
  • Build a balanced portfolio that’s right for you, using a simple set of understandable and accessible building blocks
  • Select robust and transparent investment products easily and effectively


Part One: Smarter investing basics

1. Simplifying the confusion

2. Covering the basics

3. It only takes a minute

Part Two: Smarter thinking

4. A smarter investment philosophy

5. Smarter investment behaviour

Part Three: Building smarter portfolios

6. Smarter risk insight

7. Smarter portfolio structures

8. Smarter portfolio choice

Part Four: Smarter implementation

9. Smarter product choices

10. Hire an adviser or do it yourself?

11. ‘On-menu’ asset class insights

12. ‘Off-menu’ asset class notes