Buffett Step-By-Step

An Investor's Workbook

By Richard Simmons
Dec. 1998
ISBN: 0-273-63028-8
238 p.
$29.95 Paper Original

The Warren Buffett Workbook is the first book to distill the practical essence of Buffett's investment techniques and show investors how to apply them for themselves. At the heart of the Workbook is a series of fully-worked case-studies, taking investors step-by-step through the major share purchases in Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio and Buffett's principal investment decisions. It identifies and illustrates the factors Buffett used when considering shares, and introduces a new proprietary technique for capturing Buffett's central calculation in investment decisions. As investors work through these successes and failures, they will learn to apply the insights and techniques that they discover on behalf of their own investment portfolios.

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