18 Challenges of Leadership
A Practical, Structured Way to
Develop Your Leadership Talent

By Trevor Waldock & Shenaz Kelly-Rawat
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 2004
ISBN: 0273688103
384 Pages, 6 " x 9 "
$55.00 paper original

When was the last time you lifted up your head? To succeed in business you need to be more than an effective manager. Organizations are looking for people who are both engaged and can achieve results. They want leaders, at all levels: people who lift up their heads. Becoming a successful leader means meeting some key challenges.

These challenges span from what are often called 'hard' business-focused issues, such as vision and strategy, to 'soft' personal challenges, such as personality and confidence. The leadership challenges are remarkably uniform across sectors and levels. This book presents the crucial 18 challenges that have been distilled from research and practical experience into what real leaders face in their daily work.

After each challenge is described, there is a simple self-assessment process to allow you to see where you are in relation to that challenge. Finally, practical guidance shows you how to go about boosting your ability to meet that challenge and excel as a leader.

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