Brilliant NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]
What the most successful people know, say and do

By David Molden & Pat Hutchinson
Financial Times / Pearson Education
May 2006
ISBN: 0273707892
128 Pages
$42.50 paper original

Have you ever wondered how it is that two people faced with the same set of circumstances can produce opposite results? How some people seem to be able to achieve infinitely more than others whilst remaining cool, calm and collected? You may also have noticed how one person can have a tendency for attracting lively vibrant people around them whilst another is very good at attracting moaners and groaners. There are people who just seem to have life sorted out the way they want it, and others who are just surviving, struggling each day with frequent problems and difficulties.
We may refer to the more successful people as lucky – but is it really luck? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) shows it’s not – it’s all down to the way we think.

The discoveries of two Americans back in the mid-70s, who analyzed what it was that made people consistently perform well, have inspired many thousands of people around the world to acquire the skills and attitudes of NLP - and improve their lives as a result.

Now Brilliant NLP makes mastering the techniques of NLP easy – helping you step by step to see things differently, master your thinking and become more efficient, more effective and more successful, in everything you do.

What is NLP and what can it do for me?
A bit of history
It does what it says on the can
How well do you know yourself?

1 Think your way to success
What are you storing in your unconscious mind and how useful is it?
What’s important to you?
Where do your values come from?

2 Don’t believe everything you hear!
Are you being held back by limiting beliefs?
How do you recognize a limiting belief?
Shaking unhelpful beliefs

3 Think your way to feeling great
It’s the first thought that counts!
Working with your visual imagery
Working with your internal audio
Feeling fantastic

4 Organize your thinking for successful results
Is your purpose crystal clear?
What role are you playing?
What values and beliefs do you hold?
Are you limiting your true capability?
Is your behavior aligned with your thinking?
Are you having an impact on your environment?
Are you aligned with your purpose?
Happy people attract happy people
You can fool your mind but not your body

5 Using rapport to build successful relationships
The role of respect in building rapport
Using what you do naturally – matching and mirroring
Using your body to build rapport
Pacing and Leading
Taking the lead with your ideas
Fine-tune your senses for feedback
Noticing and recording states for future reference
Give people time to think
Reading eye patterns to gain useful information

6 The impact of words
How to use high-level language for positive results
Using metaphor to create change
Persuading with elegance

7 Debug the programs you don’t want
Eliciting a strategy
Creating a new strategy

8 Fantastic Outcomes
Do I need a purpose or an outcome?
Making sure your outcomes are well formed
Putting everything together to create a brilliant future

9 Adopting the beliefs upon which NLP is based

10 A compendium of additional NLP techniques

• The NLP approach is here to stay - it's popular, proven and practical, and gets lasting results fast.
• Brilliant NLP is incredibly practical, easy to read, and outcome-focused to help you quickly master the art of NLP.
• Written by 2 of the leading NLP trainers and supported throughout with real life examples to help you instantly apply the NLP techniques to your life, for spectacular results.

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