Organising & Managing Work, 2nd edition

By Tony Watson
Financial Times / Pearson Education
June 2006
ISBN: 027370480X
528 Pages
$92.50 paper original

The book takes as its starting point the everyday practices of people at all levels in organisations as they manage their work. It encourages the reader to use and judge organisation and management theories by their relevance to ‘real life’ practices and dilemmas, ranging the day-to-day to major strategic change.

The book also offers insights into aspects of organisational life that are often marginalised, such as the politics and ethics of managerial action; the ambiguous, uncertain and contested nature of organisational processes; and the significance of angst, emotion, humour and mischief in the everyday life of organisations


Chapter 1 Organising and managing work: study, critique and practice

Chapter 2: Organisations and organising: bureaucracy, control, processes and negotiated orders

Chapter 3: People and organisations: identity, culture and narrative

Chapter 4: Organisations and people: orientations, emotions and mischief

Chapter 5: Managing the organisation: managerial functions, tasks, processes and competences

Chapter 6: Managing to manage: power, decision-making, ethics and the struggle to cope

Chapter 7: Organisational structure, culture and change

Chapter 8 Managing, motivating, leading and tasking

Chapter 9 Organisations, environments and strategic managing

Chapter 10 Organising and managing human resources


• Examines organisational events and issues through case studies taken from first-hand research and direct involvement in work organisations

• Explores observations and experiences from a wide range of organisational and national settings

• Encourages the reader to reflect on their own experiences and interests in both academic debate and organisational practice

• Provides a bridge from mainstream organisation studies to organisational strategy and human resource management

• Includes annotated suggestions for further reading and detailed references

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