Benchmarking Portfolio, 4 volumes

Edited by Strategic Decisions
November 1995
Cambridge Strategy Publications Ltd
ISBN: 3-908131-08-1
554 pages, illustrated
$825.00 set, paper original

Company Self-Assessment Audits

The Benchmarking

Executive Summary

The Benchmarking Portfolio contains everything you need to "Jump-Start" Benchmarking in your business - and deliver results FAST. This complete Benchmarking Toolkit contains:

Make sure all senior managers fully understand and support Benchmarking.

These 12 Briefing Papers - each commissioned from a world authority - cover the A-Z of Benchmarking and ensure that all the key people in your organization will understand exactly what to expect from Benchmarking and what they must do to make it work.

Find out how other organizations have handled Benchmarking and learn from their successes and failures.

Use these best practice Case Studies and Interviews to follow the progress of dozens of firms that have run successful Benchmarking projects around the world.

Hand the Project Organizer to your Benchmarking project team.

The Organizer comes in two sections. Use the Training Toolkit to teach team members the 15 core Benchmarking tools. Then use the Blueprint as a planning guide for each project.

Before you run any project, make sure you have covered all the key points and problems.

Use this checklist to guarantee the success of each Benchmarking project you run.

Find suitable Benchmarking partners in your area or industry quickly and easily - and free of charge.

Measure and improve any of your company's core business processes

Benchmarking gives you a unique way to:

  • map all of your company's business processes
  • measure their efficiency and effectiveness
  • compare them with similar processes in other divisions of your company or in other companies
  • identify appropriate best practices
  • establish improvement targets
  • measure results.

And the Portfolio gives you the first comprehensive Benchmarking toolkit - everything you need to make Benchmarking work in your business.

Jump-start Benchmarking in your organization

Use the Portfolio to jump-start Benchmarking in your organization. You'll find the tools to set up a Benchmarking project team, plan and run each Benchmarking project, and assess the results. Using the Portfolio, you should be able to complete your first full-scale Benchmarking project in 12-15 weeks - compared to the 12-15 months taken by most companies surveyed.

Tried and tested tools you can use with confidence

You can be certain the Portfolio will work effectively in your firm. The toolkit has been written by world authorities on Benchmarking and extensively tested and used around the world.


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