Beyond Knowledge Management
Dialogue, Creativity & The Corporate Curriculum

ByBob Garvey & Bill Williamson
Financial Times / Pearson Education
July 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65517-5
213 Pages, 6" x 9 "
$68.50 paper original

This unique, engaging and timely book explores the ways in which learning and knowledge processes link to the success of an organization. The book encourages managers to think critically and offers useful frameworks for identifying and releasing tacit knowledge. Draws on a unique triad-framework of strategic capability, knowledge productivity and corporate curriculum.

Stresses the uses of critical dialogue, learning histories, narratives and metaphors. Explores and debates the implications of the knowledge economy on corporations today. Utilizes a dominant narrative to provide a helpful perspective on organizational culture. Each section includes contributions from internationally recognized academics and practitioners in the areas of learning and knowledge management. Includes international case studies.

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