Brilliant Questions for Great Interviewers
How to Make Sure You Have the Right Person for the Job

By Dee Walker
August 2010
Prentice Hall / Pearson
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273730484
251 pages
$33.50 Paper Original

Have you ever hired the wrong person? Ever felt under prepared and the interview has ended up as a ’chat’? Lost for words and not sure what to ask next?

Hiring the right person for the job is crucial in any business. Brilliant Questions for Great Interviewers is designed to help you find the very best candidate for the job. You’ll learn the best way to source candidates, select them for interview and interview well. You’ll gain the confidence to keep asking questions until you have

ALL the information you need and will never be stuck for a question again.

As interviewing will occur around your every day work schedule there will be tips on how to make the best use of your time with easy to use summaries and plans for quick reference. For those that do not have a Human Resource team to call upon it will include how to assess what the job involves and how to determine the candidate requirements.


You’ll be able to:

· identify what the job involves

· identify what experience and skills the

candidate must have and those that will be

useful but not essential

· source candidates

· short list for interview

· interview and get the information needed to

make an informed decision

· understand the legal aspects to ensure they

are not prejudiced in their selection

· save time and money in the process and by

hiring the best candidate

· have a battery of ‘brilliant’ questions



Each chapter will contain ‘Brilliant’ examples, tips, definitions, and a timesaver or easy reference summary and throughout there will be ‘brilliant’ questions. The questions will be both addressed to the interviewer to ensure their selection process is valid and questions for use in the interview.

Aim of the book – so you need to hire!

· Who should benefit from it and why

· Jargon free

· Easy to use summaries

· Brilliant questions

Identify the needs of the business – what does the new person actually have to do?

· Why hire? If you are replacing someone do you want the job to be the same or does it need to be modified – now is the time to do it

· Job spec – using them and creating them

· What’s important – break it down

Identify the candidate – who are you looking for?

· What experience and skills are essential or preferred

Sourcing candidates – where to you get them from?

· The pros and cons of advertising, recommendations, web sites , recruitment agencies, headhunting

Assessing cvs – how do you know who to interview

· Matching

· Why not telephone screen?

First interview – what are you going to ask and why?

· Planning

· Ensure you are interviewing and not chatting

· What questions to ask and when

· How to ensure you get ALL the information you want

· School leavers and juniors – what are you going to ask them?

· Have you given the candidate enough information – it’s their decision too!

· Why do they want to work for you and can you live up to their expectations?

· How to decide which candidates to shortlist

Second interview – why bother?

· Reasons to see the candidate again

· Format – what ARE you going to ask this time?

· Could this be a different format?


· What you need to know

The offer

· What is it – will it match the candidates’ wish lists?

· Induction – the best or worst moment – make it the best!

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