Brilliant Leader:
What the Best Leaders Know, Do & Say

By Simon Cooper
Pearson / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
December 2008
ISBN: 9780273720591
178 Pages
$32.50 paper original

In today’s competitive world, companies that succeed have managers who can deliver results through high performing teams. These are true leaders.

Brilliant Leader provides a blueprint for current or potential managers aspiring to become  successful leaders of people. It will teach you:

• How to recruit and retain the best people

• How to develop individuals and the team as a whole

• How to maximise performance and maintain high levels of motivation

• How to manage demanding workloads and deliver consistent results.

These are all ingredients Brilliant Leader will deliver. Readers will discover the tools and techniques that are required for excellence in team leadership.


About the Author



Chapter 1  Leadership Principles

Chapter 2  Recruiting the Best

Chapter 3  Coaching and Development

Chapter 4  Driving Performance

Chapter 5  Managing Workloads and Delegating Effectively

Chapter 6  Developing Team Synergy

Chapter 7  Communicating Like a Leader

Chapter 8  Leading Cross Functional Teams

Chapter 9  Managing Change

Chapter 10  The Big Picture

Contacting the author




Simon Cooper has over 25 years experience of building, developing and leading high performance teams.

His early career was in the finance industry where he primarily built and led several successful sales teams. Following this, Simon moved to the recruitment sector where he built up and ran a series of regional offices, incorporating front line sales teams and back office support teams, before being appointed Managing Director.

When the business was sold some two years later, Simon became an independent consultant specialising in leadership and business skills development. Over the past ten years he has helped to develop thousands of leaders within hundreds of organisations worldwide via seminars, workshops, coaching and experiential events.

Simon is currently CEO of the Experiential Learning Centre.

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