Business Environment: Challenges & Changes
2nd edition

Edited by Ian Brooks & Jamie Weatherstron
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2000
ISBN: 0273646907
472 Pages, Illustrated
$87.50 paper original

The Business Environment Challenges and Changes, 2/e The second edition of The Business Environment Challenges and Changes, is aimed at students following business context and organisational environment modules as part of a Business Studies or Management undergraduate course or diploma. Each chapter is structured to look first at the environmental characteristics and then at how these forces influence organisations. Specific learning outcomes are provided together with questions, summaries and exercises.
Updates to this edition:
* Key concept boxes added, explaining the key ideas explained within the text
* All definitions to be highlighted * All questions have been fully updated
* Up-to-date international cases and examples
* Full references to relevant internet sites
* An updated Instructors manual is also available along with accompanying overheads.
Ian Brooks is HEAD OF SCHOOL and Jamie Weatherston is Senior Lecturer in the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT AT University College Northampton

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