Casebook on General Management in Asia Pacific

By Dominique Turpin and Xiaobai Shen
May 1999
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0333717910 hardcover: $142.50
ISBN: 0333717929 paper: $87.50
624 pages

'This is a unique collection of case studies on the realities of management in Asia Pacific. A very useful book for teaching postgraduate students, and for MBA group discussion.' - Dr M. Branine, University of Stirling

'Well written and illustrated. A good reference book and good value for money.' - Dr Gin Chong, Southampton Business School

This text consists of cases of European Businesses in Asia Pacific, Asian Businesses in Asia Pacific and Asian Businesses in Global Competition. It covers a wide range of topics including, human resources, corporate culture, strategic planning, cross-cultural marketing, marketing strategy, manufacturing, alliances and partnership, utilising information technologies, entry into new markets and many more. It will be relevant to many courses in the areas of general management, international management and strategy.

Preface - Introduction: Why is Asia Pacific the Focus of Attention in the Business World Today? - PART 1: WESTERN BUSINESSES IN ASIA PACIFIC - New Potential in Asia Pacific?; F. Bidault, G. Taucher & T. Thian - Ser Competing in Deregulated Markets; D. Turpin - Dealing with Cross-Cultural Issues; D. Turpin & J. Burdet-Taylor - Managing Labour Relations; D. Turpin - Managing Crisis and Ethical Problems; D. Turpin, J. Miller & P. Goetschin - Strategic Planning for External Environment Changes; D. Turpin - Implementing Global Strategies in Asia; P. Killing - PART 2: ASIAN BUSINESSES IN ASIA PACIFIC - Domestic Competition in Japan; D. Turpin, C. Lovelock & J. Miller - Competing in the Asia-Pacific Region; D. Turpin, et al. - PART 3: ASIAN BUSINESSES IN GLOBAL COMPETITION From - Internal Management Excellence to International Business Competencies; D. Hover, et al. - Competing in the World Market with Information Technology; S. Vandermerwe, et al. - Finding Complementary Competencies: Managing Business in Europe through Alliances and Partnership; J. Miller, G. Taucher, D. Turpin - Competing in COMECON Countries; R.C. Howard & R.S. Collins - Shifting from National to Regional Organization Structures; P.M. Rosenzweig - Index

Author Biographies:
DOMINIQUE TURPIN is Professor at IMD, International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland. XIAOBAI SHEN is a Researcher, formerly at IMD, International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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