Contemporary Human Resource Management: Text & Cases, 4th edition

By: Adrian Wilkinson & Tom Redman
February 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273757825
656 Pages
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Contemporary Human Resource Management provides students with a thorough and critical exploration of all the key functions and issues within HRM today.

Written in a clear yet thought-provoking style, the book contains chapters contributed by experts in their field to ensure coverage of the most recent ideas and practices. Each chapter is complemented by extensive case studies, exercises or activities to put concepts into recognisable context.

It is suitable for students studying human resource management on a wide range of HRM and general business / management undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.


1. Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Perspective (Tom Redman and Adrian Wilkinson)

2. Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance (Nick Kinnie and Juani Swart)

3. Recruitment (Scott Hurrell and Dora Scholarios)

4. Selection (Dora Scholarios)

5. Training and Development (Irena Grugulis)

6. Reward Management (Mark Gilman)

7. Performance Appraisal (Tom Redman)

8. Industrial Relations (Nick Bacon)

9. Line Managers (Doug Renwick)

10. Organisation and Corporate Culture (Alistair Cheyne and John Loan-Clarke)

Part II - Contemporary Themes and Issues

11. International Human Resource Management (Michael Dickmann)

12. Comparative Human Resource Management (Geoff Wood and David Collings)

13. Understanding and Managing Careers in Changing Contexts (Dulini Fernando, Laurie Cohen and Amal El-Sawad)

14. Managing Diversity (Cathy Cassell)

15. Work Life Balance: National Regimes, Organisational Policies and Individual Choices (Gill Kirton)

16. Downsizing (Tom Redman, Adrian Wilkinson and Alankrita Pandey)

17. Employee Participation (Tony Dundon and Adrian Wilkinson)

18. Knowledge Management (Donald Hislop)

19. Employment Ethics (Peter Ackers)

20. Emotion at Work (Melissa Tyler and Philip Hancock)

21. Flexibility (Clare Kelliher)

22. Workplace Bullying (Sara Branch, Sheryl Ramsay and Michelle Barker)