Corporate Strategy
4th Edition
[Includes CD-ROM]

By Richard Lynch
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
February 2006
ISBN: 0273701789
854 Pages, Illustrated, 7 ¾” x 10 ½”
$157.50 paper original

This is a rich resource that guides students through the rational and emergent approaches to strategic management. Thoroughly updated references and 27 brand new cases ensure that students will actively learn the core topics and how to apply them in practice.

Part One – An Introduction to Corporate Strategy
1. Corporate Strategy
2. A Review of Theory and Practice

Part Two – Analysis of the Environment
3. Analyzing the Environment – the basics
4. Analyzing Markets and Competitors
5. Analyzing Customers

Part Three – Analysis of Resources
6. Analyzing Resources – The Basics
7. Analyzing Human Resources
8. Analyzing Financial Resources
9. Analyzing Operational Resources

Part Four – The Purpose of the Organization
10. Purpose Shaped by Vision, Leadership and Ethics
11. Purpose Emerging from Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
12. Purpose Delivered Through Corporate and Business Objectives

Part Five – Developing the Strategy
13. Developing Strategic Options – the Prescriptive Process
14. Strategy Evaluation and Development – the Prescriptive Process
15. Finding the Route Forward – Emergent and Prescriptive Approaches
16. Organizational Structure and Style and People Issues

Part Six – The Implementation Process
17. Resource Allocation, Strategic Planning and Control
18. Government, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Strategies
19. International Expansion and Globalization Strategy
20. Strategy Dynamics and Entrepreneurial Strategy
21. Managing Strategic Change
22. Building a Cohesive Corporate Strategy

• Balanced coverage of rational and emergent approaches to the subject provides a thorough view on the subject
• Emphasis on practice throughout with features to help students apply theory into practice
• Clear exploration of the key concepts ensures that students reflect whilst they learn.
• Clear, logical structure guides students through this complex subject.
• Fully supported by teaching resources to save lecturers time and help students learn.

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