Corporate Longitude
Discover Your Position in the Knowledge Economy

By Leif Edvinsson
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65627-9
256 pages, 6 x 9"
$29.00 hardcover

Modern corporations habitually calibrate along a single measure: a financial one. This is corporate longitude. The trouble is that it gives only part of the picture, and the other key co-ordinate is missing. A practicable method for measuring corporate longitude - or to put it another way, intellectual capital - is urgently needed. Intellectual capital is a combination of human capital - the brains, skills, insights and potential of those in an organisation - and structural capital - wrapped up in customers, processes, databases, brands and systems. Mindcompass provides a way to measure these intangibles as well as the financial facts, and to navigate through the turbulent waters of business and complete the picture.

About the Author
Swedish management thinker, Leif Edvinnson, is the guru of intellectual capital. he is the world's first director of intellectual capital, author of a book with the same title, and a former winner of the Brain of the Year award.

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