Crisis - Fast Thinking Series

Deliver Bad News, Manage Tough
Situations, Limit the Damage

By Ros Jay
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2001
ISBN: 0-273-65305-9
94 Pages, 5" x 6 "
$17.95 paper original

Don't panic! There you were, carrying on as normal when out the blue...disaster strikes. Computer crashes, Half the department off and it's the day of the big launch? Food poisoning in the canteen? And were you ready for this one? Of course not, or it wouldn't be a crisis. This book will get you through any crisis fast, because once you've learnt the basic rules for crisis handling, you can apply them to every disaster. With cool, well-thought out crisis handling, you can come through disaster looking even better than you did before you started.

The Fast Thinking Series: It's a fast world with tight deadlines and you squeezed in between. What you need are fast solutions to help you think at the speed of life. Each of these books gives the clever tips and vital information you need to make the best of your last minute preparation. You'll look good. They'll never know. Smart thinking is Fast Thinking.

About the Author: Ros Jay is a freelance writer and a senior associate of the Institute of Direct Marketing. She specializes in marketing, communications and management-related subjects. She writes and edits corporate magazines both in print and online.

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