Decision Making
in Organisations

By David Lee
Phillip Newman and Robert Price
Mar. 1999
ISBN: 0-273-63113-6
256 pages
$79.50 paper original

The authors have written this modular text to support a one-semester decision making course. It aims to analyze and evaluate decision-making processes and context not just describe them as well as to emphasize the application of each topic through boxed examples and cases.

Contents include: The decision-making context. Group decision making. Making decisions: factors that affect an individual's decision style. The role of judgement and intuition in decision making. An introduction to quantitative and financial decision making.

Some further quantitative methods for decision making. Planning and decision making: the use of rationalism and holistic analysis. Strategic decision making. Ethical and socially responsiible decision making. The implementation of a decision. Delegation, negotiation and conflict. Appendix.

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