Design in Business
Strategic Innovation Through Design

By Margaret Bruce & John Besant
Financial Times / Pearson Education
January 2002
ISBN: 0273643746
287 Pages, Illustrated, 7 3/8 x 9 5/8"
$99.50 paper original

This book is the first book to establish the strategic importance of design as an integrated process which incorporates a large number of perspectives within a business. It shows how those different viewpoints can contribute to the design process, discusses various ways to integrate design into business & explores future challenges to design management.

Students of business, design, innovation management as well as business and design professionals will all benefit from this innovative overview of the subject. This book demonstrates that design is not just for creatives walled off from the rest of an organization, but that is a process with a large number of participants, which can, and must, be managed effectively if it is to add maximum value. Key topics related to design include strategy, marketing, operations management, organization behaviour, finance and law.

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