Economics for Business & Management,
2nd edition

By ,Stuart Wall
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
October 2008
776 Pages
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Part One: Micro Business Environment

1. Markets and resource allocation 2. Demand, revenue and consumer behaviour 3. Supply, production and cost 4. Business organisation, objectives and behaviour 5. Firm size, mergers and the 'public interest' 6. Market structures 7. Labour and other factor markets 8. Market failure: regulation and competition Part Two: Macro Business Environment

9.   National income determination 10. Government policies: instruments and objectives 11. Demographic and social environment 12. Political, legal, ecological and technological environment 13. Functions of management: domestic business environment 14. International business environment 15. Strategies in a globalised business environment 16. Leisure, hospitality and sports sectors Appendix 1: Indifference curves, budget lines and the 'law of demand' Appendix 2: Isoquants, isocosts and economic efficiency


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