Enterprise-Wide Risk Management:

Strategies for Linking Risk and Opportunity
Financial Times Executive Briefings Series

By James W. Deloach
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2000
ISBN: 0-273-64414-9
300 Pages
$225.020 paper original

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Every business has plenty of information, but do you have the right information when you need it? Executive Briefings concentrate on delivering actionable information, designed to help executives ask the right questions, make the right decisions and take the right action. Whatever the opportunity or challenge that your business faces, an Executive Briefing will give you the insight to evaluate the situation and the tools to implement change.

As companies strive to create value for their shareholders, they must constantly seek new opportunities for growth and profitability. To do so they must embrace risk and invest in potentially high-risk activities. The ability to master risk and manage the inevitable uncertainty associated with evaluating future outcomes is a key to sustainable competitive advantage. Traditional risk management approaches are no longer adequate in today's rapidly changing world in which the rules of wealth creation and preservation are ever evolving.

They are too fragmented and function-driven. A new approach is needed - one that is cross-functional, integrated and adaptable in the face of constant change. Enterprise-wide risk management (EWRM) is a new strategic process which enables you to identify, measure and manage the entire range of business opportunities and risks facing your organisation. This value-generating process provides you with the discipline and tools to master risk as your organisation creates value.

A new executive-level briefing - Enterprise-wide Risk Management - guides you through the key stages of designing and implementing an integrated EWRM process in your organisation. Written by risk consultant James DeLoach, it is centred on the Business Risk Model(tm) he has developed for Arthur Andersen. It provides insight into the risk management practices of over 60 leading companies through in-depth interviews with their senior executives so you can learn from their experiences. This briefing facilitates the management of risk in a world of uncertainty so that you can capitalise on opportunities, risk and growth with confidence.

Case studies include:
Cable & Wireless
Charles Schwab
Post Office

Contents include:
A New and Evolving Approach to Improving Risk Management Capabilities
Mastering Risk to Create Value - What is an Enterprise-Wide Approach and Why is It Essential?
The Evolution Towards EWRM
A Common Language - The Essential Starting Point
Risk Management Goals, Objectives, and Oversight - Laying the Foundation
Uniform Processes - Assessing Risks and Developing Strategies
Infrastructure Essentials - Designing and Implementing Risk Management Capabilities
Continuously Improve Risk Strategies, Processes and Measures
Taking It All the Way
Getting Started

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