How People Work
and How You Can Help
Them to Give Their Best

By Roderick Gray
Financial Times/ Pearson Education Limited
December 2004
ISBN: 0273694901
265 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 8 "
$52.50 Paper Original

What motivates people to behave a certain way in the workplace? Do you really know what makes people tick? An insightful companion to the art of understanding and motivating people, How People Work explores the science of human behavior and translates the key lessons into tools for thoughtful and effective management. Simply put, it will help you to help your people to perform.

The challenge for managers is somehow to match the things they need to get done with things their employees want to do. Excellent individual performance has to be facilitated -facilitated by the right organizational setting, and the right management to ensure that their people are allowed to give their best. This book explores the dynamics that influence these characteristics, and sets out the management tools to nurture successful outcomes. This book will help managers close the gap between what people want and what they want people to do.

" "72% of middle managers are looking for a greater sense of meaning in their working lives" (Management Today, 2004).
" What motivates employees and managers is changing, and managers will have to get better at motivating rather than instructing.
" A uniquely illuminating and accessible synthesis of the science of human behaviour - translated and applied for the modern business.
" Bridges the gap between academic theory and management practice, and between the disciplines of psychology, sociology and business.
" A solid and practical guide with a long shelf life.

Part 1. I Know What I'm Expected To Do
Roles and players
Goals and objectives
Part 2. I Want To Do It
Part 3. I Have The Ability To Do It
Part 4. Someone (who matters to me) Will Notice If I Do It
Relationships and Feedback
Power, Influence and Trust
Part 5. I Know How Well I'm Doing It
Part 6. Processes
Help Me To Do It
Managing Processes
Working in Teams
Making Decisions
Part 7. I Have The Resources To Do It
Managing Resources
Part 8. The Environment Is Right
Organisational Culture
Organisational Climate
The Psychological Contract
Workplace Stress
Part 9. I Can Do It Better Next Time
Developing People
The learning organisation
Organisational change
Putting It Together

Roderic Gray is a consultant, writer and management coach. He has published a number of articles on organisational climate, and on project management and product development topics. His career involved a variety of practical, hands-on management roles before becoming an internal consultant in a major blue-chip company and running his own consulting practice. He has lectured on a range of postgraduate management and HR professional courses and currently supervises a number of doctoral researchers in several countries.

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