How to Lead
What You Actually Need to Do
to Manage, Lead & Succeed

By Jo Owen
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
August 2005
ISBN: 0273693646
240 Pages, Illustrated
$45.00 paper original

This provocative yet practical book, is the essential guide to the theory and practice of leadership - whatever your level in an organization. It's both an indispensable yet entertaining guide to the core skills of leadership and a practical handbook for getting to the top and staying there - the single book guide to a successful career.

A unique and brilliant combination of authoritative guidance and stimulating and entertaining advice, it includes novel material on career limiting moves, advice on what to do when you look like you are about to become an involuntary member of the cock up club and how to lead by following. This leadership handbook will help managers become leaders and help them rise to the top. It is the single book, whole career guide.

The five major sections:
1. Learning to lead: starting out on the leadership ladder. Manage yourself.
2. Front line leadership: leading for new managers. Manage tasks.
3. Leading from the middle: the art of middle management leadership. Manage people.
4. Leading from the top: traditional leadership. Manage the business.
5. Top ten tools and techniques that all leaders must master

Each of these sections show how leaders, as opposed to managers, work.

" This is the first book to show how to improve your leadership ability as a career advancement technique
" Shows how to be a leader at any level in an organization not just the upper levels
" Practical experience and theory. " Jo Owen is the author of the bestselling Management Stripped Bare

Author Jo Owen has an outstanding track record of leading and creating businesses in the UK and Japan. Most recently he is the founder and Director of Strategy for Teach First - a not for profit initiative that takes the top graduates from UK universities and places them in inner city primary schools for two years before going on to a corporate career. He writes the leadership column for the Institute of Directors and as Director of Strategy for Teach First is shaping their "Learning to Lead" program for top UK graduates. Jo is the author of the bestselling Management Stripped Bare, which is now in print in several languages worldwide.

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