How to Coach
Coaching Youself & Your Team to Success

By Jo Owen
July 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273786382
208 pages
$42.50 Paper Original

The real-world, practical and effective guide to effective coaching.



Part One: Coaching for success

1. The coaching discussion: the five O’s model

2. The mindset of the coach

3. Coach yourself to success

Part Two: Dealing with your most likely coaching challenges

4. Coaching and making the most of yourself

How do I get promoted?

Have I got what it takes?

I am overworked


Achieving work life balance

Exploding head syndrome

Should I take this assignment?

Should I go expat?

Should I move?

5. Managing your boss

How do I manage my boss?

How do I ask for promotion?

I don’t trust my boss

Receiving negative feedback

360 degrees of trauma

6. Coaching and managing your team

How to take control

How do I manage people who do not want to be managed?

How do I motivate my team?

How do I motivate someone who is down?

How do I set targets and workloads?

How do I delegate well?

Who should I hire?

Giving negative feedback: formal assessments

Should I fire a team member?

How do I fire someone?

7. Dealing with events

Ethical problems

Managing crises

How can I influence decisions?
Making decisions in uncertainty

How do I deal with this project successfully?

Presentation phobia

How do I network?

8. Coaching and working with colleagues

How do I work with people I do not like or trust?

Dealing with bullies and other awkward people

Dealing with conflict between groups and departments

When should I fight?

Dealing with rumour and innuendo

What do I do about consultants?

How do I tell someone they annoy me?

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