How to Choose

By David Freemantle
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
May 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65651-1
249 Pages, 7 " x 9 "
$39.50 paper original

Every day we face hundreds of choices. Some of them simple, some of them tough. Many of them we don't even really think about. Yet cumulatively they dictate how we live our lives, how people perceive us and how successful we are. Choose life. Choose success. Just choose. Here's how. How to Choose explores the choices that we make every day at work, and demonstrates how these choices are linked to the successes and failures experienced throughout your career. It then shows how you can choose differently to achieve bigger and better results. For all professionals, and especially those with big aspirations looking for ways to achieve more.

Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: Introduction Overview: 'How to Choose' Part 2: The thesis for 'How to Choose' Everyday choices The evolution from small choices to big decisions All choice is emotional (and therefore subjective) The randomness of choice Choosing polarities Microbehaviours Part 3: Three essential practices for 'How to Choose' Practice 1: Hesitation Practice 2: Choosing Outcomes Practice 3: Widen the way (using 'W-thinking') Part 4: Applications of 'How to Choose' Choosing Assumptions Choosing bosses Choosing how to communicate Choosing to criticize Choosing emotions Choosing expertise Choosing eye contact Choosing first steps Choosing to be happy Choosing to initiate Choosing how to interpret values Choosing to listen Choosing maxims Choosing memories Choosing to praise Choosing rationalities Choosing responses Choosing what to see in a person choosing stimuli Choosing your walls Choosing who to talk to Choosing your 'self'

Dr David Freemantle gained his doctorate at London University before becoming a production manager with Mars Ltd. He had a meteoric career progression culminating with a position on the Board of British Caledonian Airways. In 1985 he founded hios own company, Superboss Ltd, which specialises in the areas of motovation, leadership and customer service. He travels the world speaking at conferences and running seminars, and has gained an international reputation for his thought-provoking talks and programmes. His clients include major airlines, retail chains, banks and government organisations. His previous books have been published in 17 different languages and include What Customers Like Aboout You (Nicholas Brealey, 1998) and 80 Things You Must Do To Be A Great Boss (McGraw Hill, 1995).

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