How to Manage, 2nd edition

By Jo Owen
ISBN: 9780273726982
December 2009
Financial Times (Division of Pearson Education)
291 Pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper Original


This is the ultimate ‘how to’ of management, covering all the vital hard and soft skills of management but in a readable, witty and wise form. This unique book contains all the critical information found in large manuals but delivers it in the preferred more inspiring and personal form of a readable handbook.

As every frontline manager knows, the theory of management is one thing but the actual day-to-day real life experience can be something else. In the real world, busy managers need to know what to do and how to be as effective, productive and successful as possible. This is the first book to cover the 30 essential hard and soft skills of a ‘manual’ but in a readable, easily absorbed and insightful way.

If you're only going to read one book on management ever, this is it.


1. Introduction and Summary : Real managers for the real world.

IQ: rational management

EQ: emotional management

PQ skills: political management

MQ: the management quotient

2. IQ skills: dealing with tasks, problems and money

2.1 Starting at the end: focus on outcomes

2.2 Achieving results: performance and perceptions

2.3 Making decisions: acquiring intuition fast

2.4 Solving problems: Prisons and frameworks

2.5 Strategic thinking: floors, romantics and the classics.

2.6 Setting budgets: the politics of performance

2.7 Managing budgets:the annual dance routine

2.8 Managing costs: minimising pain

2.9 Surviving spreadsheets: assumptions, not maths

2.10 Knowing numbers: playing the numbers game

3. EQ skills: dealing with people.

3.1 Motivating people: creating willing followers

3.2 Influencing people: how to sell anything

3.3 Coaching: no more training

3.4 Delegating: doing better by doing less

3.5 Handling conflict: from FEAR to EAR

3.6 Giving informal feedback: making the negative positive

3.7 Managing yourself: personal EQ

3.8 Using time effectively: activity versus achievement

3.9 Surviving the management marathon: from days to decades

3.10 Learning the right behaviours: what managers really want

4. PQ skills: making things happen

4.1 The seven key power sources: building a power base

4.2 Acquiring power: shining a light on the dark arts

4.3 Building power networks: becoming irreplaceable

4.4 Using power: setting your agenda

4.5 The art of unreasonable management: ruthlessness

4.6 Saying ‘no’ to the boss: surviving insanity

4.7 Power and integrity: from morality to survival

4.8 Taking control: telling stories

4.9 Managing change: people, not projects

4.10 People and change: through the valley of death

5. MQ skills: Managing your journey

5.1 Acquiring MQ: how to learn success

5.2 Using MQ: uses and  abuses

5.3 Decoding the success formula: happy endings


Jo Owen has an outstanding track record of leading and creating businesses in the UK and Japan.

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